Let hundreds of investors
and traders talk about
your investment opportunity.


Distribute news and content to investing & trading communities

Spectrum is the only automated solution that can distribute and syndicate corporate news, media coverage or any other content to a network of 340+ investing and trading groups consisting of 14.8M+ potential investors.

More and more investors are abandoning traditional brokers and investing themselves. It is becoming more difficult to reach the retail investor with many players in the fragmented investor ecosystem. Traditional IR tactics become moot as investors are educating themselves online through publications, financial-focused forms and trusted social media groups.

Use the Spectrum network and reach investors on the channels they trust.

The Spectrum technology was created and guided by the expertise of legal and IR teams.

The solution is fully compliant and remains within the strict standards of stock and public company promotion.

Want to see more?

Download the Spectrum by Untapped Lab product sheet for more information on getting your message to a network of over 340 investing and trading communities and financial forums.

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