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Looking to take your investor marketing to a new level? Got questions? See below a few frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Why engage in investor marketing?

Investor behaviour is changing. Most North Americans don’t use financial planners. Younger generations are flocking to online brokerages such as Robin Hood, E-trade, etc. They are doing their research and forming their trade ideas online. As a result, traditional IR tactics just don’t make sense anymore. Investor marketing gets your story in front of this growing audience where they make their decisions–online.

Should I target retail investors?

Yes! Having an institutional investor base is important but it gives too much power to a few investors. The value of the retail investor is:

  • Diversification: Large shareholders have too much power. Many smaller investors provide diversification and allow you to maintain control over your business.
  • Liquidity: Having many active investors provides valuable liquidity to a stock that makes it more attractive.
  • Early adopters: Retail investors are early adopters of stocks and sectors so normally become customer and brand advocates, helping to boost the business. 

What is the value of digital marketing?

The value of digital marketing is its reach. The digital world is your oyster. The UntappedLab network alone has a potential reach of 14.8 million investors. A larger investor pool means more investors that would be interested in your company.

Because everything is digital, you also get great analytics behind your campaigns. Monthly reports on campaign metrics, demographics, reach and more help you optimize your campaign and know where to focus your resources.

Who is your typical investor?

This is a common question. People are so used to the traditional brokerage model they don’t understand the investor behaviour of younger generations. This informed investor base is growing. Untapped Lab’s average investor is a younger male that typically invests around $12k into a stock.

What tactics does UntappedLab use in generating awareness and leads?

UntappedLab applies digital marketing tactics to investments. UntappedLab uses proprietary technology to determine which are the most relevant for you to get the most reach for your budget and perfect your lead generation funnel. UntappedLab uses native ads, display advertising, owned channels, 3rd party investor newsletters, social media distribution and more!

Which distribution partners does UntappedLab use?

UntappedLab has agreements with 340+ publications, private trading and investing groups and financial forums such as Stockhouse, Forbes, Reddit, Facebook, etc. Not all channels or groups are relevant for each client. UntappedLab uses decades of digital marketing experience to determine which are the most relevant for you to get the most reach for your budget. UntappedLab takes away the work of managing these various relationships.

Who are financial micro-influencers and why are they important?

Financial micro-influencers are people who lead social media groups and are considered to be experts in niche industries. A lot of times these influencers don’t have a million followers, instead they have a smaller audience (usually between 5000 and 20000 followers) of very engaged individuals.  Influencer campaigns are more effective than traditional paid advertising because micro-influencers share their own opinions to an audience who trusts them and is explicitly interested in their area of expertise. Because their audience is close-knit, they care about what content they share. One off-the-mark post can damage the relationship with their audience. 

Who should use UntappedLab?

UntappedLab is the ultimate platform that will bring investor marketing capabilities to anyone looking to amplify their investment story beyond traditional tactics. This includes issuers but also IR and PR firms looking to expand their capabilities and offer a holistic service for investing in the next generation.

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